Aug 20, 2017

Birthday Wishes, Caps Lock Style

This is a funny birthday wish in the true Caps Lock style. This card design is about celebrating a birthday in a loud and proud fashion. It uses the notion that using caps lock is a way to convey yelling at someone as silly as it sounds. If you want to convey a Happy Birthday message loud and proud, then this card does just that using humor and a cute little cartoon caps lock character. 

Dec 25, 2016

4 Funny Wine Humor Birthday Cards

These four funny birthday cards offer up some fun thoughts on age and wine or was it wining about our age, drinking wine until we forget it’s our birthday, or something about an aged wine goes good with birthday’s……Oh I forget but I do remember them being funny birthday messages with a wine theme. Hope you enjoy them as well.
 The inside of this card reads: 

The inside of this card reads:
"And don't let anyone get away with asking your Vintage! Happy Birthday!"

The inside of this card reads:
"I say: They both think too much! Bottoms up . . . and have a Happy Birthday!"

The inside of this card reads:
"Or rather, as we get older, we feel better with lots of great wine! Happy birthday!"

Aug 6, 2016

Getting Older Humor, Spring Chicken

The Inside of this card simply reads
"So . . . do you feel any younger?
Happy Birthday!"

Mar 20, 2016

Birthday Humor, Bad Driver

Funny Birthday Cards - Bad Driver
Funny Birthday Cards - Bad Driver by funnybirthdaywishes
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Great cartoon design set to a funny birthday greeting card.